Inhaltsstoff-Knowledge: Alles über Sheabutter & ihre Wirkung

Ingredient knowledge: everything about shea butter and its effects

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The African beauty secret, the nut of the shea tree growing in Africa, is rich in high quality fats and provides care for skin, hair and is even edible. It serves as the basis for numerous skin care products and is known for its rich consistency.

Beauty lovers and beauticians agree: the natural product shea butter is a unique all-rounder that should not be missing from your care routine!

Are care products with shea butter suitable for all skin types?

Shea butter is said to work wonders, especially for dry, irritated skin. If you suffer from neurodermatitis, shea butter is particularly suitable for your skin. It is said to have an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and healing effect. If you have impure skin, it is better to approach it carefully. While shea butter is considered non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), in some cases it can promote breakouts and cause an unwanted shine to the skin.

Shea butter is an all-rounder when it comes to body care

Most commonly, shea butter is used in body skin care. In areas that need special treatment, such as feet and heels, the care products immediately leave positive results. You can also make your cuticles happy with some shea butter. If you have chapped lips, you can also use a rich lip care product with shea butter, and I promise your lips will feel buttery soft again in no time. For brittle and lackluster hair, hair care products with shea butter are also recommended due to their richness and natural ingredients.

For the best effect, the shea butter should be unrefined

Basically, when choosing care products, you should make sure that as many natural ingredients as possible are used and that chemical additives are avoided as far as possible. Unrefined shea butter contains a higher concentration of vitamins and fatty acids. In particular, it contains high levels of vitamins A and E, both known for their antioxidant and skin-healing properties. Refining can reduce or remove these nutrients, so it's best to be careful to buy skin care products made from unrefined shea butter.