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Together for a green future

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At plain b, passion meets a higher purpose. We are not just your brand for sustainable personal care - we are a community united by a common goal: living sustainability without compromise.

Leaders For Climate Action

As proud members of "Leaders for Climate Action" (LFCA for short), we believe in continuous learning and environmentally friendly e-commerce practices. LFCA is a non-profit organization that now supports over 400 companies. They accompany us on our way to more sustainability, give us impulses and ideas, and thus help us to boost our sustainability level.

plain bx CleanHub

In partnership with CleanHub, we will soon be setting an example. CleanHub is the driving force for positive change in plastic-plagued areas. For our new show star, The Dissolving Bottle (available from October 2023), we are cleaning up with CleanHub. Every bottle you buy is plastic neutral +. This means that CleanHub collects the plastic equivalent of a conventional shampoo bottle from coastal regions for each bottle. Together we are shaping a plastic-free future. Join in, be alive, be plain b.