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Unser festes Shampoo in innovativer Flaschenform, das sich komplett auflöst!
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The Dissolving Bottle

The hair care revolution: our solid shampoo in an innovative bottle shape that dissolves completely! Take a clear stand against plastic waste! Because who said good hair care requires plastic? Our Dissolving Bottle combines simplicity and beauty - without any plastic. Made in Germany, The Dissolving Bottle is available both online and in stores. Take a step towards a more sustainable future with us. Instead of exporting waste, we are now bringing good ideas into the country!

Innovation: plain b hand soap in Elopak

Be part of the hand care revolution: Discover our innovative liquid hand soap in the groundbreaking new cardboard packaging! In a world where most hand soap dispensers are still made of plastic, we're taking a different approach.

We are sending a clear message against plastic waste! With our hand soap, we combine the highest care standards with pioneering work in sustainability - and all without plastic. Our packaging, a pioneer in the industry, is over 90% recyclable, FSC certified and climate neutralized. Made in Germany, our hand soap will soon be available online and in stores.

Simple and sustainable care with plain b

plain b is more than just a brand. We are a movement, a community of young and self-confident people who want to drive sustainable change.

Our products represent pure joy of life and bring exactly the right balance of sustainability, performance and style to your daily care routine - and all without a jungle of ingredients. plain b yourself.

Our beauty blog: care that is worth reading.

Discover our beauty blog! Immerse yourself in the world of natural beauty, where we shed light on the darkness of the beauty world. Here we discover the secrets of important ingredients together, debunk myths and offer you valuable tips for your personal beauty routine. Get ready to take your beauty knowledge to a new level and make your skin glow.

The Dissolving bottle x plain b

Cleanhub: Together for clean seas

Be the change! With every purchase you send a strong signal for environmental protection. For every Dissolving Bottle sold, the Berlin organization CleanHub ensures that another plastic bottle is collected, which threatens our beaches, reefs and seas. Together with you and the Dissolving Bottle, we are declaring war on plastic waste worldwide. Be there and make the difference!