The Dissolving Bottle

Where we come from

Germany is the EU's plastic giant, but that doesn't mean we can't change the game. While everyone is talking about plastic dishes, let's take it a step further. One place where the consequences of this problem are particularly visible is the Philippines. Because of its numerous coastlines and beaches, the Philippines is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by plastic waste. But that's exactly where the idea for the countermeasure was born: the "Dissolving Bottle". Shampoo and care products in plastic bottles are used every day and are often out of sight.

The Dissolving Bottle

That's why we as plain b, in collaboration with BBDO Guerrero, present the "Dissolving Bottle": Our solid shampoo in the innovative bottle shape that completely dissolves. A statement against plastic that is clear and unambiguous: good hair care does not require plastic. With the Dissolving Bottle, we at plain b combine simplicity with freedom from plastic. A product that is produced here in Germany and sold both online and in stores enables many people to make a sustainable switch. Instead of exporting waste, we now import good ideas!

Be part of the solution.

Be part of the solution. With every purchase of a “Dissolving Bottle” you become a Plastic Killer – because we bring a plastic bottle back from nature. This makes your shampoo more than just plastic-neutral: it becomes plastic-positive!

Be brave, be yourself, be plain b.

Be brave, be yourself, be plain b. With our Dissolving Bottle you are part of a community that is actively changing something. Take the first step with us towards a cleaner, greener future in which you do something good for your beauty and nature. Plain b yourself!