About Us

A plain mission

With plain b we are finally bringing sustainable personal care products into the mainstream of society. As a sustainable personal care brand, we firmly believe that we can encourage more people to adopt a more sustainable care routine by creating a perfect balance of sustainability, simplicity, care performance and aesthetics that enhance your individual beauty and zest for life be promoted.

Our history

In a world where the complexity of things often overshadows the beauty of the simple, 'plain b' was born. Two friends from Cologne laid the foundation for this: Louis and Burak.

plain b is not just a personal care brand;
Journey away from the confusing jungle of complex ingredients and towards a world where clarity and transparency reign. Where every ingredient is understood because we rely on simple, natural and sustainable ingredients. In this world are the needs of our customers and the protection of our planet
in a perfect balance - and do not represent a contradiction.

100% vegan plant power

Plain b products are based on high-quality natural ingredients that are good for both your body and the environment. We want to avoid unnecessary additives because we firmly believe that your skin doesn't need chemicals to shine! With us you can optimize your environmentally conscious lifestyle and at the same time enjoy a perfect care experience. Our sensual, aesthetic and fresh design makes plain b the perfect addition to your feel-good bathroom. Eco had a glow-up because it never looked so good!