Behind the scenes

Production at plain b

Sustainable manufacturing for a green future

Behind every plain b product there is a sometimes long journey of sustainable manufacturing. Of course Made in Germany.

We don't just work with experienced, environmentally conscious experts. Together we are passionate about sustainable use of resources and never let up – 100% dedication, 0% breaks.

Quality and standards always on point

Together with our production partners, we set the bar high: top production standards, products developed with care, tested under the same strict quality tests as conventional products. We’re all about top performance – in every single step.

Our packaging mission

In the end, every product needs a home. The ultimate is in your home. In the meantime, we rely on tree-free and plastic-free or plastic-reduced packaging. We don't just create products; we are creating a better future for our planet. Discover the world of plain b, where innovation and sustainability come together.