Inhaltsstoff-Knowledge: Kokosöl - Überbewertet oder das neue Must-Have?

Ingredient Knowledge: Coconut Oil - Overrated or the New Must-Have?

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For centuries, a special natural product has been extracted from the coconut, which stands out due to its diverse properties: coconut oil.

Coconut oil is obtained from coconut meat and coconut milk. It is considered one of the most natural oils because it requires little to no processing before use. The fatty acid complex contained in this all-natural oil offers numerous advantages for the beauty routine and has been able to work many a miracle!


Coconut oil for supple skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Then coconut oil could be the ideal solution for your skincare needs! Your skin needs lipids, i.e. fats, to maintain its natural protective barrier. Rich in these lipids, coconut oil can help retain your skin's moisture and keep it soft and supple.


A few drops of coconut oil can do wonders

In addition to its use in its pure form, coconut oil can also serve as a care additive for your daily skin cream. You can add a few drops of the pure oil to your skin cream to intensify the care experience. Coconut oil is also great for removing makeup. You can use it pure or mix it with your usual product.


Strong, shiny hair - thanks to coconut oil

Coconut oil is the secret to rich hair care! Whether in hair shampoo, conditioner or as pure hair oil - coconut oil provides hair care products with an extra nutrient boost that cares for your hair deep down. The oil repairs damaged hair and gives it new bounce. It makes your hair easy to comb and gives your hairstyle an irresistibly healthy shine. Similar to the skin, your hair also benefits from the high moisture content of the oil.


Natural, pure and fragrant - coconut oil as an all-rounder

Coconut oil is far more than just a trend in the beauty world. It is a multi-purpose, natural product that has the ability to nourish, protect and revitalize our skin. Whether you use it pure, add it to your products or choose care products with coconut oil - your skin and hair will thank you!