our philosophy

For us, the change in sustainability is a process without which we cannot imagine the future of care products.

Out of responsibility towards people and our nature, it is an indispensable concern for us to produce in an environmentally friendly way and to bring sustainable body care products into the mainstream of society.

We are establishing a "new normal".

How do we want to reach our goal?

We believe we can inspire more people to adopt a more sustainable grooming routine by creating the perfect balance of sustainability, simplicity, grooming performance and aesthetics. Our products stand for an uninhibited zest for life.

Our sustainable products for your body care and hair care are reduced to the essentials, but still provide 100% care performance.

Plastic-free packaging

With each individual product, we make sure that it is produced and packaged in a way that conserves resources. All plain b solid products come in FSC paper packaging.